Office Anesthesia

Putting Your Mind at Ease

An upcoming visit to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can cause worry and anxiety in many people.  The individual typically is most concerned with possible pain – whether the procedure is going to hurt.  Rest assured, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon is experienced in dealing with the control of pain and anxiety.

It’s usually true that the more you know, the less you have to be anxious about. That’s why before a visit, you’ll review with your surgeon the type of anesthetic to be used, as well as the way you’re likely to feel during the operation. Your oral and maxillofacial surgeon will answer any questions you may have about any facet of the operation.

During surgery, one or more of the following can be used in controlling pain and anxiety: local anesthesia, nitrous oxide-oxygen, intravenous sedation and general anesthesia. Commonly, patients describe their feelings during surgery as surprisingly pleasant.  After surgery, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon can prescribe a number of medications to make you as comfortable as possible when you get home.  Your Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon has the training, the knowledge and the experience to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as it possibly can be.