COVID-19 Vaccination

Published on: January 5th, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Availability

The COVID-19 vaccine rollout places health care workers in the first priority group and within that group, hospital staff as the highest priority.  Many members report having already received the vaccine at their attending hospital or are scheduled to soon receive such.

While the vaccine is being distributed in accordance with a state plan, the distribution will vary throughout each region of the state and likely be dictated by the major hospital network in each region.

Outpatient health care providers and their staff became eligible to begin scheduling vaccine appointments this week.  The Governor has issued a statement on this HERE and has established a central website available for members and their staff to register (HERE).

As you might imagine, many people are trying to register for the vaccine and the state website has sometimes been overloaded with activity.  The regional hospitals that are coordinating the vaccine distribution in their areas may be more reliable in registering people for the vaccine.  Members of the New York State Dental Association can see their list of regional enrollment websites HERE.

For staff inoculations, it seems that a statement printed on your professional stationery should suffice for the documentation they need as health care workers.  Again, however, each region may dictate their own requirements.

Administering the Vaccine

For those members that are interested in administering the vaccine at one of the points of dispensing (PODs) in your area, you can enroll by going to the NYS ServNY website HERE.




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