• Education
  • Advocacy
  • Governance


NYSSOMS seeks to bring its members educational courses that help surgeons stay current on new techniques and procedures, and become aware of issues to consider in the course of their practice.  The Society typically holds two clinical meetings a year and invites residents from NY-based training programs to attend for free.  These meetings not only provide valuable educational courses, but also provide the opportunity to connect and network with peers and industry representatives.  Residents also find it valuable in forging relationships with practitioners.  Overall, it helps keep the specialty connected.


"The mills of government grind slowly, but grind exceedingly fine."  Most would agree that government grinds slowly but there?s little consensus that their results are picture perfect.  That's all the more reason that our specialty needs representation in New York State law and regulation.  Professions are defined and governed by state law more so than any other level of government.  That?s why NYSSOMS maintains an active government relations program and also works closely with the New York State Dental Association to protect our profession and further the interests of our members and their patients.


It is critical for any profession to organize itself and produce a leadership that can address important matters that face the specialty.  Your Society leadership regularly addresses issues that affect the profession at both the state, and national levels through AAOMS.  Through the Society, your specialty can debate and come to consensus on standards and policies that help the profession move forward.  Such policy development is a critical part of an organized profession and how it deals with industry, government, and other healthcare professions.